How to Get a Naturally Whiter Smile!

Thank you to Naturally White for your partnership, as always all thoughts and opinions are my own.



Hey guys! I’m so excited that I found Naturally White to get a naturally whiter smile! Since “going clean” I have cut conventional toothpaste, because it’s actually disgusting once you look into the ingredients! (PS. I haven’t used conventional toothpaste in over 2 years and I don’t have any cavities!) Any-who, I have been looking and researching how to whiten my teeth without have harsh chemicals that will damage the enamel on my teeth. I thought about oil pulling, (which I occasionally do) but never noticed a difference in my tooth coloring. I came very close to ordering that black charcoal tooth scrub, but never did. I knew that I didn’t want to use whitening toothpaste or strips, I just wasn’t sure which route to take. when Naturally White asked if I wanted to try out their cosmetic whitening process, of course I said yes!

The process

The Naturally White Cosmetic Whitening gives dramatic results within an hour and last up to a year. Our in-office whitening gel is designed to give results without sensitivity and is safe for pregnant women or children under 18.


Once I arrived to Naturally Whites beautiful office I was greeted and given an iPad where I confirmed my appointment, gave my information, and took my before picture. I was quickly taken back to a treatment room and the entire process was explained. The control freak in me loved the fact that I was able to apply the gel myself! Then, I was given some glasses and the acceleration light was position so I could comfortably lay back and scroll on my phone. After 3, 20 minute sessions I was done and could see a huge difference, and set for a whole year! It is suggested that you wait 2 hours to eat and drink, and 24 hours for coffee or other dark coloring foods and drinks.


The products

Pro-Home Whitening Kit

IMG_6472Whiten your smile in less time with the NEW Naturally White Pro-Home Kit® that now includes a Naturally White enhancing light and 13 gel applications. It is now possible to get the same in office results from the comfort of your home with the new Naturally White Pro-Home Kit®. Simply attach the new Naturally White enhancing light to the reusable mouth tray, apply the whitening gel and insert the light and tray combo in to your mouth. At home teeth whitening has never been faster and easier!$54.99

Naturally White Whitening Pen

IMG_6475On-The-Go teeth whitening has never been easier! Our unique brush on applicator makes the on-the-go teeth whitening just as simple as applying chapstick or lip gloss! $29.99

Naturally White Boost Remineralizing Gel

IMG_6473.jpgBoost your tooth enamel while reducing teeth sensitivity with Naturally White Boost! Our unique Enamel boosting product will polish and seal your tooth enamel, locking out future stains, and prolonging your Naturally White smile.  Naturally White Boost will also strengthen your teeth by adding minerals to your enamel that have been stripped away due to acidic food, age, and other enamel harming habits we might have.  Here at Naturally White, we know how much effort our clients put in to having a flawless smile so we decided to offer a product that not only reduces tooth sensitivity, it also re-mineralizes your tooth enamel. Naturally White Boost is a great product for anyone who is afraid to get their teeth whitened over the fear of sensitivity. Using Naturally White Boost a week before your scheduled whitening will significantly reduce sensitivity and discomfort during whitening. Naturally White Boost is the perfect enamel boosting, tooth desensitizing combination!$49.99


Visit Naturally Whites website to learn more and book your appointment, and let them know I sent you!




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