Our Yogi Hostel Stay in Hollywood!


First off let me say, our 4 day trip to LA was INCREDIBLE! We were non-stop, going, going, going, the entire time. The reason we went was for a music conference (MUSEXPO) that Hubs and the band were attending, so naturally I invited myself to tag along. Since MUSEXPO was held in Hollywood and we did not plan on renting a car we needed to stay within walking distance of everything.


After doing some searching on Airbnb and found the most perfect gem that is, the Be Hive. MUSEXPO was held at 2 locations and the Be Hive was 1 block from 1 location, and a 10 minute walk to the other. It literally could not have been a better location, oh and the reviews are amazing!


We had never stayed at a hostel, so we weren’t exactly sure what to expect, but we were very excited and completely blown away. I travel for work every now and then, and I always book a private room in a house through Airbnb so I assumed it would be similar. I was pretty annoying and asked a ton of questions before actually booking the room, but the host was so sweet to answer every single question. I went ahead and booked it and so glad I did!


So what is a Yoga Hostel?? Basically, it was just a the most chill, hippy dippy, open windows, greenery everywhere, essential oils and diffusers, eco friendly soaps, and paper products, an atrium, and a fully loaded yoga room, with blocks, mats, and puffs. The first day we were there it was just us and one other guy, who stayed to himself, so we basically had the place to ourselves. I was able to do yoga and mediate in the yoga room alone with no interruptions. IMG_0278.PNG

There is a mens and a womens room, and 2 shared showers (don’t worry we brought shower shoes!) Since the building is one of the oldest ones in Hollywood I was a bit nervous about the water pressure and temperature, it was great and hot for my extra long showers!




So, the bedroom situation. There were about a dozen bedrooms at the Be Hive. 3 with windows facing the atrium the rest facing the street or back ally way. I LOVED our room that faced the atrium, it was nice and quite and the sun never beamed through! Even though we hard black out shades! (praise hands) We also got a work space right next to our room, which was great since Hubs worked on his computer when he wasn’t at MUSEXPO. The mattress and pillows were super comfortable which made the stay even better!



The shared kitchen was great, there were baskets for the fridge and pantry that you could write your name on and store your food. One thing I was a bit worried about was if people actually clean up after themselves and if the place was a wreck. I was so surprised, everyone clean up after themselves. Also, 3 out of our 4 day stay there were cleaning ladies there.


Overall we LOVED our stay at the Be Hive and will be back next time we are in Hollywood! I absolutely recommend booking The Be Hive through Airbnb.



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